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In compliance with the requirements set by the Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools and the Michigan Merit Curriculum, Sacred Heart Academy requires the following Credits for graduation. One credit is one full year of successful work in a course or subject.

Minimum of 24 Credits

Religion                                                              4 Credits
English                                                               4 Credits
Mathematics                                                      4 Credits
Science                                                              3 Credits
Social Studies                                                   3 Credits
World Language                                               2 Credits
Phys. Ed/Health                                                1 Credit
Visual, Performing, Applied Arts                    1 Credit
Communications (class of 2018 and beyond)      .5 Credit
Financial Literacy (class of 2019 and beyond)     .5 Credit
Online Experience - 20 hrs.

**Students may obtain credit for the 20 hours of an online experience requirement in various ways. Technology II is the course SHA offers to fulfill this requirement. Certain technical education classes will fulfill this requirement as well as any high school or college online courses. Counselor approval is required for any additional courses to be approved for this credit requirement.