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SHA Athletic Association 

The Sacred Heart Athletic Association's primary purpose is to provide the finances for the operation of the athletic programs at Sacred Heart Academy. Revenue is generated throughout the year by numerous fund-raising activities. Some of these include game concessions, gate/ticket sales, fish fry dinners, lottery, and program ad sales.  All parents/guardians of athletes are expected to help out, at least once per school year, with these fund-raising activities. Everyone's help is greatly appreciated and vital to the continued success of Sacred Heart Academy's athletic programs. 

Every parent/guardian who has a child attending Sacred Heart Academy is a member of the Athletic Association.


Current Board Members of our Athletic Association Include:

Athletic Director:              Andy Latham      
President:                        Amy McDonald      
Vice-President                 Scott Pieratt
Treasurer:                        Mike Zeien       
Secretary:                        Laura Sheets
Board Members:              
Amanda Hutchins
Angel Lynch
Andrea Laney
Dave Barberi
Gabrielle Likavec
Jeff Siler
Jennifer Sieszputowski
Jeremy (Rit) MacDonald
Julie Rookard
Kevin Stempky
Lauri Liscomb
Melissa Sweet
Meghan Wiggins
Nikki Hacker
Ryan Ley


Athletic Sponsors