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Lost Alumni

There was a popular show called LOST which was viewed by millions when it was on television. There were never any reports of Sacred Heart graduates on that island. However, we do have several LOST alumni. Over the years, we have produced lists of alumni classified as “LKA”, an acronym for Last Known Address. The LKA list is generated when mail is returned, and we need help identifying some of those we are missing. The postal rate we use dictates the Post Office may return it (at a current cost of $2.92 per piece!!!) if the address is not precise. By precise we mean that Streets, Ways, Drives, etc. must be identified, along with apartment numbers or lot numbers, if required. Some return mail is easy to follow up on, as it may be for the relative of a neighbor or a co-worker. But it becomes a time-consuming effort when the list approaches 300 LOST alumni as it does now. 

We would like to stay connected and keep our records straight.  Here’s how you can help:

  1. Keep your information current! Let us know any change(s) you have in address or contact information by e-mailing or completing the on-line form here.
  2. We’d appreciate any input the list may generate from you. Please click on the link below to open a list with all the names of lost alumni as of September 2017. Contact us at or (989) 772-1385 if you can help.

Thanks for your assistance!

Lost Alumni (by alpha)


Lost Alumni (by grad year)