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Every year SHA has the opportunity to receive thousands of dollars in free money from collecting labels that would otherwise go out in the trash, or receipts from purchases you already make. No additional purchases are required. These labels and points can add up to a substantial amount of money for our school.

We use the money mainly for teachers to purchase classroom supplies. We would like to invite all parents, parishioners and friends of the Academy to participate in any or all of the programs available and help us get the free monies these companies are willing to give our school. SHA is not asking you to buy anything extra—just save labels, box tops or the credit you get for using a designated card or purchasing gift cards.

Below is an outline of the programs available. If you have any questions about these program(s), kindly contact: Lisa Roach, Director of Admissions, (989) 772-1457 or

Scrip is a Tuition Reduction Program. You purchase gift cards, use them for shopping at local and national merchants and receive a discount which is applied to your tuition account each spring for the upcoming year's fees. It's easy, simple and a great way to put a dent in your tuition, doing something you already do: shop, eat and buy gas! Sacred Heart purchases Scrip at a discount and re-sells the certificates for face value. The bulk of the discount - from 2 to 15% or more - is retained by you and Sacred Heart as revenue. For example, if you purchase a $100 Home Depot card, you pay $100. Home Depot has a discounted rate of 3%, Sacred Heart pays only $97 for the $100 gift card and you receive a $100 Home Depot card. The 3% discount equals $3. You receive 80% of that and Sacred Heart receive 20%.   Click here for more information. Stop by the Parish office or visit to register. Call the Parish office at (989) 772-1385 or email Mark Szymczak at for additional questions and the SHA Scrip enrollment code.


Box Tops for Education

Clip Box Tops symbol only, not the UPC. Each Box top is worth 10 cents. Collect and drop at the Elementary School office, the Administration Office or in the Sunday Collection at church.


Target Red Card

Target pays back 1 percent of your credit card purchases to Sacred Heart Academy when you use the Target Red Card at Target or Simply designate Sacred Heart Academy, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, when you apply for the card.