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Dual Enrollment

SHA Dual Enrollment FAQs

This document provides information about dual enrollment that is specific to students at Sacred Heart Academy. It is a useful resource for students and parents of students who are dual enrolling for the first time.

SHA Dual Enrollment Letter of Agreement

SHA requires that this letter be read and signed by parents of dual enrollment students who are attending any college or university upon registration for courses each year. This letter details policies and information that parents and students must know about dual enrollment, including specifics related to SHA prior to a student taking a college course. A signed copy of this letter must be returned to Mrs. Dubridge in the guidance office.

MMCC Dual Enrollment Form

Mid-Michigan Community College requires that this form, which serves as MMCC’s dual enrollment application, be completed by first time dual enrollment students. It only needs to be submitted one time. Students must return this form to Mrs. Dubridge for submission to MMCC’s admissions office.

MMCC Registration Form

This form details which MMCC course(s) a student would like to enroll in for a given semester. Students may list all courses they plan to take for that academic year on the same form. Students must return this form to Mrs. Dubridge for submission to MMCC’s admissions office.

MMCC Michigan Transfer Agreement

A list of the courses required by MMCC to fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) is included here. The MTA is a 30 credit collection of courses that will automatically transfer to most of the four-year institutions in Michigan and in turn fulfill all of the general education course requirements that are required. (There are some exceptions to this at a few schools in Michigan.)

MMCC Accuplacer Guide

The Accuplacer is an online placement test offered by the College Board, which many colleges in Michigan utilize to determine course placement. Certain courses have pre-requisites that students may want to test out of in order to be placed into a higher level class. This document shows which scores are needed to be placed in specific English and Math courses at MMCC. It is free to complete the Accuplacer and students can set up an appointment by calling the testing center at (989) 773.6622 ext. 287.

CMU Transfer Guide

This document shows Central Michigan University’s acceptance of the Michigan Transfer Agreement as well as provides insight into how MMCC courses specifically transfer to CMU.

CMU Application Update Form

If a student needs to update their application status at Central Michigan University, this form must be completed and returned to Mrs. Dubridge.