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Sacred Heart Academy Expectations (Grades 7-12)


Student Expectations:

  • Students will strive to follow Christian ideals in all they do.
  • Students will come to class prepared with textbooks, paper, pencils, planner, a charged Chromebook, and be in their seats when the bell rings.
  • Students will be respectful of all staff, students, school property and materials.
  • Students will be mindful of their behavior on school grounds including hallways, cafeteria, gymnasiums, church, etc.
  • Students will pick up after themselves and leave the hallways clear of personal possessions and school supplies. 
  • Students will give their best effort every day. 

Parent Expectations:

  • Parents will read the Student-Parent Handbook and discuss it with their children, explain why policies are important and support the policies in the handbook.
  • Parents will treat teachers as professionals and will respect teachers’ and administrators’ working hours by contacting them during school hours to set up an appointment, if necessary.
  • Parents will assist teachers in enforcing the school policies.
  • Parents will hold their children accountable, including ensuring that their children attend assigned tutoring and detention. 
  • Parents will stagger appointments, so students are not missing the same class repeatedly.
  • Parents will monitor their child’s progress by checking FACTS family portal and emailing the teacher with questions.

Teacher/Administrator Expectations:

  • Teachers/administrators will create a positive learning environment.    They will treat all students fairly and respectfully.
  • Teacher/administrators will challenge all students to learn and achieve, and reach out to struggling students.
  • Teachers/administrators will discuss the policies in the handbook with students and provide examples. They will enforce the policies in the handbook.
  • Teachers/administrators will contact parents with concerns regarding academics or behavior and collaborate with other teachers when students are struggling.
  • Teachers/administrators will communicate professionally.
  • Teachers/administrators will read and return parents’ emails within 24 business hours.
  • Teachers/administrators will update grades weekly in FACTS.