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From the Desk of Miss George........


Welcome to Sacred Heart Elementary School’s official website. Sacred Heart Academy has been an integral part of Mt. Pleasant’s Catholic community, with support of Sacred Heart Parish, and has served the Mid-Michigan area since 1889. This long and proud tradition has spanned more than 4 generations and continues to provide a top-quality Catholic education to every student.

Sacred Heart Elementary provides Kindergarten-Prep through sixth grade, with the option to continue to our High School (7th-12th grade) programs. Sacred Heart Academy Elementary emphasizes academic excellence and character development in a faith-based environment surrounded by a family-centered community. Students, parents, and alumni of SHA attest to the comprehensive, engaging learning environment that promotes the mission of Jesus Christ.

As you explore our website please notice, that in addition to the excellence in academic preparation, our students are also living the message of Christ’s love throughout the community…in the classroom, in the cafeteria, on the playground, as well as in service to others. We also invite you to experience this special environment for yourself by visiting our school campus. We are proud of our staff, students, programs and the entire school community!

I am excited and honored to be a part of the Sacred Heart family. I was personally blessed throughout my K-12 school years that parents made sure I received a quality education through Saginaw Diocese Catholic schools, and I am beyond thrilled to help continue that legacy for the next generation.

Julie George
Elementary Assistant Principal