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Frequently Asked Questions

Because of our small class sizes, teachers are able to identify students who are having a difficult time.  They work with them on an individual basis during their lunch hour, before or after school and also refer them to the academic resource center when necessary. Many times the academic advisor will work with the student as well and help to make arrangements for tutoring.

Sacred Heart Academy embraces diversity as an essential part of our identity. We welcome students and families from diverse backgrounds and firmly believe that a diverse population enriches our school community and aids in the growth of our understanding of ourselves and one another not only in our school community but also in the larger world outside of Sacred Heart Academy. In our school diversity exists in the colors of our skin, the traditions we observe, the religions we practice (about 30% of our students are non-Catholic), the structure of our families, the financial resources we possess, the special social and academic needs we have, and in our gender and ages. We strive to create an inclusive school with approximately 20% of our students coming from minority ethnic backgrounds.  Sacred Heart welcomes the unique gifts and talents of all who embrace our mission.

We offer a challenging, college prep curriculum, and a required community service program. Academic advising is readily available and easily accessible. Assistance with the completion of college and scholarship applications is provided. Individual career planning starts at 7th grade.

Many electives stay the same each year (i.e.  band, study skills, technology, creative writing, publications, strength training, etc.) however, we do an evaluation process with the teachers prior to scheduling for the next year and they make recommendations based on student interest. For example we recently started offering Zoology and Forensic Science. If a student has an interest in a class and we do not offer it, they can either take it on-line, at Mt. Pleasant High School, or there is a possibility we could offer it if there is enough student interest.

The elementary specials include art, computers, music, physical education, Spanish and American Sign Language. In addition, band is offered starting in 5th grade. The specials are offered at a minimum weekly, and for some, twice per week.

Because of our small numbers in both students and staff we are not able to offer AP courses. We try to make our courses rigorous and challenging so that all students are prepared for whatever post-secondary path they choose. Students may, however, take an AP course on-line, during the school day or at MPHS if their schedule permits. Our students are not penalized for not taking honors or AP courses when applying to colleges. Colleges look at the courses we do offer and how well the students perform in those courses. Colleges place more focus on standardized test scores such as the SAT or ACT rather than AP or honors courses.

Yes, all students in all grades are taught religion on a daily basis regardless of their religion. High school graduation reguirements include four religion credits.

All students in grades 1-12 attend weekly Mass together. It is normally scheduled on Thursdays at 8 a.m. Classes take turns leading the various ministries.  All students are required to attend regardless of their religious background. Parents are invited to attend.

Each grade has an average of 35 students. There are two classrooms at each elementary grade level so classroom size would average about 17 students per classroom. Enrollment figures fluctuate from year to year. Class of 2016 will graduate 39 students.

Spanish is offered at Sacred Heart starting in devolopmental kindergarten as a special.  Students may take it starting in 8th grade and receive high school credit for it.  Other on-line options may be available.

Yes, all high school students may take college courses as long as their schedule permits.

The state will reimburse the college or parents based on a formula that takes into account state per pupil funding and the number of high school courses in which the student is currently enrolled.

Yes, we have one cafeteria that is located in the elementary building.  All lunches are made in-house by our cooks.  A salad bar is served each day in addition to the hot entre.  All students in DK - 12 use the same cafeteria, therefore lunch hours are staggered so that there are never too many students in the cafeteria at one time. The daily lunch scheduled is posted in RenWeb. 

SHA has a closed campus.  Students can only come and go to and from their classes at Mt. Peasant High School or college classes.

Academic -  Drama club, Model United Nations, Technology Club, Quiz Bowl, Forensics, Band, Student Senate, National Honor Society, Spaghetti Bridge Building, Close Up, Destination Imagination, SASSE (Serious About Science, Sisterhood and Education), Youth Ministry, Talent Review, March for Life, Brain Bee, Science Olympiad. 

Athletic - Boys & Girls - Cross Country, Track & Field, Basketball, Golf. Boys – Football & Baseball; Girls – Softball, Volleyball and Dance.

Yes, we charge tuition. Click here to see the specific rates. We are a private Catholic school and we do not receive any state or federal funding. Our revenues come from tuition and fees, our SHA Foundation, our Sacred Heart Parish and an annual fundraiser called SHAgala. Click here to see how we keep our tuition so affordable.

No, you do not have to be Catholic to attend SHA.  We welcome students of all faith backgrounds.  In fact, 30% of our students are not Catholic, however, we do require that all of our students participate in a daily religion class. Students in grades 1-12 are expected to attend our weekly student Mass. 

If you live in the Mt. Pleasant school district you may use the Mt. Pleasant Public School busing.  Please call the Mt. Pleasant Bus Garage at 989-775-2323. SHA owns three buses that are used for transporting students for field trips and to other academic and athletic events.

Students in grades DK - 6 must wear uniforms Monday through Thursday. The uniform consists of a red or white polo type shirt and navy blue pants/skirt/skort/jumper. Students in grades 7-12 must wear polos (any color) and khaki pants, Monday through Thursday. Jeans may be worn by all students on Fridays in exchange for a canned good or dollar for the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen. Details are available in the Student/Parent Handbook.

Yes, we accept students at all grade levels throughout the school year, provided we have an opening and the student meets our enrollment criteria.

Yes, many of our families apply for and are granted aid so that their students have the opportunity to attend Sacred Heart Academy. On-line financial aid application may be found here and is due by May 31 for the upcoming school year. An enrollment form must be on file prior to applying for financial aid.

Our average class size is about 17 students per classroom. We have two classrooms at each grade level from first through sixth grades. Click here to see the number of students in each grade KP - 12.