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How does Scrip work?
When you purchase physical or digital gift cards from SHA Scrip program, you pay face value and a percentage of each gift card purchased is applied to your tuition.  Add up the amounts you normally spend and see how you can put a dent in your tuition at no extra cost to you! 
Which merchants participate?
We have access to hundreds of national merchants through Great Lakes Scrip Program.  Check out the list at   We have also partnered with some great local merchants.   Click here for a list of local merchants.
What are the different kinds of Scrip Cards?
Physical Gift Cards
These are the same gift cards you see at the store. You’re probably familiar with giving them as a gift, but you can use them on your own spending and earn.  ShopWithScrip offers physical gift cards for over 700 retailers.  Orders for physical cards must be turned in by Monday at noon.  Cards will be available for pick-up at the Administration office Thursday after 12 noon.  Cards may also be sent home with your student.
ReloadNow® and Reload
You can order a reloadable physical gift card from ShopWithScrip which you can add funds to when your balance is low. Over 120 retailer brands offer either ReloadNow or Reload that will add funds to your card immediately or overnight respectively, which means you won’t have to wait for a new card to ship to shop with scrip.
ScripNow® eCards
Over 380 retailer brands offer ScripNow, which are eCards that you can buy and receive instantly either from your mobile device or personal computer.  Then you can print them off or redeem them from your mobile device when you’re on-the-go.
MyScripWallet is our mobile website that puts fundraising at your fingertips. You’ll be able to order ScripNow, Reload, and ReloadNow and redeem ScripNow directly from your mobile device for accepting retailers. MyScripWallet is supported on Apple and Android mobile devices - visit login and you’ll be ready to shop!  You can add it to your home screen on your mobile device.
How do I pay for Scrip?
Cash, check or PrestoPay.  PrestoPay is an online payment system linked to your checking account.You will need to sign up for PrestoPay online at
How can I get started?
Register online here. Be sure to have SHA Scrip  code when you register. You can begin ordering as soon as you register; either on-line or by emailing Mark Szymczak at  To order physical gift cards, enclose a check or cash with an order form and drop off at the Parish, High School or Elementary offices. 
How can I get the SHA Scrip Code?
You may obtain the SHA Scrip Code by emailing Mark Szymczak at
When do I see the Scrip credits?
Scrip credits are posted to your tuition account each spring and are applied toward the upcoming school year's fees and/or tuition.
Visit for more information or feel free to contact Mark Szymczak at the parish Office or email him at with any questions.  We can even help you get started!