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Dedicated Faculty and Staff


Passionate About Individual Student Success

At the very heart of the SHA community you will find an experienced, caring team of mission-driven Catholic educators. Their dedication and commitment to excellence have established a legacy of success in Catholic Education since 1889. SHA faculty participate in professional development opportunities to stay current with the latest research and best practices in teaching trends and techniques. Committed to Christ and dedicated to each student’s academic, physical, emotional and spiritual growth, they teach both in class and by example. Small class sizes enable teachers to give students plenty of personal attention. Working in partnership with their fellow faculty, staff and parents, they take the time to get to know and support each child. These mentoring relationships provide an invaluable continuum of communication and care that helps students feel secure, understood and supported, and last well beyond graduation.

SHA Faculty and Staff after Mass during PD day August 2023

Sacred Heart Academy Teachers and Staff Directory

  Name Title Group Contact
Jill Albaugh Albaugh, Jill STEM Lab Coordinator
Michelle Anderson Anderson, Michelle Cafeteria Assistant 989-772-4747
Margaret Bailey Bailey, Margaret Third Grade Teacher
Brittany Betts Betts, Brittany Kindergarten Instructor
Erin Binger Binger, Erin Reading Intervention/Latchkey Director 989-773-9530
Kathy Boulis Boulis, Kathy Fifth Grade Instructor 989-773-9530
Jordan Brandenburger Brandenburger, Jordan Physical Education Instructor
Douglas Bunting Bunting, Douglas Science Instructor
Sarah Chaffee Chaffee, Sarah Art Instructor 989-773-9530
Robyn Chapman Chapman, Robyn Band Instructor
Andrew Doerr Doerr, Andrew Mathematics Instructor Math 989-772-1457
Sandra Dubridge Dubridge, Sandra Science Instructor
Vicki Duffett Duffett, Vicki Accounting Assistant 989-772-1385
Maria Eickholt Eickholt, Maria Kinder-prep Teacher
Julie George George, Julie Elementary Assistant Principal 989-773-9530
Theresa Goenner Goenner, Theresa English Language Arts Instructor
Tiffany Haines Haines, Tiffany Food Service Director
Kelly Hansen Hansen, Kelly Second Grade Instructor 989-773-9530
Kay Hauck Hauck, Kay Educational Consultant 989-386-3851
Kathryn Hausbeck Hausbeck, Kathryn Mathematics Instructor
Lauren Hogan Hogan, Lauren Fourth Grade Instructor
Rebecca Jarrett Jarrett, Rebecca Third Grade Instructor
Abby Jones Jones, Abby Youth Minister
Rebecca Jones Jones, Rebecca Religion Instructor
Johanna Josefsson Josefsson, Johanna Kindergarten Aide
Cindy Kaliszewski Kaliszewski, Cindy Business Manager 989-772-1385
Danielle Keysor Keysor, Danielle Latchkey Assistant
Melissa Langlois Langlois, Melissa Cafeteria Assistant
Andrew Latham Latham, Andrew Athletic Director
Wendy Lemke Lemke, Wendy Sixth Grade Instructor
Lindsay Ley Ley, Lindsay Director of Development 989-772-1385
Christine Luplow Luplow, Christine Fourth Grade Instructor
Jessica MacDonald MacDonald, Jessica First Grade Teacher
Lori McConnon McConnon, Lori Cafeteria assistant 989-773-9530
Mary Melaragno Melaragno, Mary Art Instructor
Terri Methner Methner, Terri Secretary (989) 773-9530
Tracey Natke Natke, Tracey Administrative Professional 989-773-9530
Julie O'Brien O'Brien, Julie Sixth Grade Instructor 989-773-9530
Keith Osmond Osmond, Keith English Language Arts Instructor
Brad Parsons Parsons, Brad Fifth Grade Instructor
Meghan Phelps Phelps, Meghan Spanish Instructor
Cody Pifer Pifer, Cody Physical Education Instructor
Kim Pluff Pluff, Kim Technology Instructor
Lee Ann Puhlman Puhlman, Lee Ann Religion Instructor 989-773-9530
Angela Reid Reid, Angela English Language Arts Instructor 989-772-1457
Michele Reinke Reinke, Michele Classroom Aide 989-773-9530
Lisa Roach Roach, Lisa Director of Admissions & Marketing 989-772-1457
Matt Roberge Roberge, Matt IT Specialist 989-772-0197
Shelli Sias Sias, Shelli Administrative Professional 989-772-1457
Laurie Simon Simon, Laurie Second Grade Instructor
John Sira Sira, John Religion Instructor
Theresa Slater Slater, Theresa Cafeteria Assistant
Megan Stembridge Stembridge, Megan Technology Instructor
Michael Stuart Stuart, Michael Science Instructor
Mark Szymczak Szymczak, Mark Parish Secretary/Records 989-772-1385
Joshua Taylor Taylor, Joshua Mathematics Instructor Math 989-772-1457
Nikki Taylor Taylor, Nikki Music Instructor
Emily Turnwald Turnwald, Emily Kitchen Help/Teacher Aide 989-773-9530
Chris Weber Weber, Chris Social Studies Instructor
Julie Westhaus Westhaus, Julie Fourth Grade Instructor
Josh Wheaton Wheaton, Josh Social Studies Instructor 989-772-1457
Lisa Williams Williams, Lisa Kindergarten Instructor 989-644-3430
Mary Yonker Yonker, Mary Principal 989-772-1457
Danielle Zeien Zeien, Danielle First Grade Instructor 989-773-9530