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STEM Opportunities for Elementary Students

Sacred Heart Elementary partners with Imagination Leaders during the school year to offer after school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) opportunities for students. The children have the opportunity to respond to various scenarios by designing solutions using Legos and hands-on materials. The goal is to develop children's interest in STEM, cultivate leadership skills, and build confidence through hands on learning activities in a fun and safe environment.

Introduction to Engineering: Grades 1-5

Students are introduced to the engineering design process and its results in the world around us. They also learn the names and uses of the LEGO pieces commonly used for LEGO engineering challenges. Then, students practice using different methods of LEGO construction.

Wheels, Axles and Ramps: Grades 1-5

After learning the basic concepts of wheels axles and ramps, students are able to create their own rolling vehicle. Once their vehicle has been created they redesign it to meet a number for different challenges.

Pullback Motor Racers: Grades 1-5

In the pullback motor racer session, students are mini mechanics, challenged to design new vehicles utilizing the available pieces. Students participate in multiple experiments (races) designed to challenge their creativity and engineering skill.


  • Science

  • Technology

  • Engineering

  • Mathematics