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New SAT to ACT Concordance Tables-See how SAT results correlate with ACT scores on an easy to read table. 

ACT v. SAT Comparison Chart - See the logistical and content differences between the national college entrance exams. Almost every college/university in the United States will accept both the ACT and SAT.

College Board

PSAT 9, PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and AP exams are all provided by the College Board. It is imperative that every student create an online account with the College Board as this will provide them with an endless amount of college and career tools. This account is also how students access their test results, tips about test taking, and practice problems.

Re-Designed SAT - This is the site to visit to receive information about everything you could want to know about the new re-designed SAT, including registering for additional attempts to complete the exam.

College Board Services for Students with Disabilities - Information for students with disabilities in need of accommodations on any of the College Board series of assessments can be found here

SAT Practice - Visit here for access to SAT practice tests and problems.

SAT Fee Waiver - Students who meet the established criteria of the College Board may be eligible to take the SAT additional times at no cost. Read the forms here for more information.

Understanding SAT Scores - This page provides information for students to help them interpret their SAT score results.

Khan Academy

Students are able to use Khan Academy for detailed PSAT and SAT practice. Those who have completed one of the PSAT series of tests will be able to upload their test results to Khan Academy, which will in turn create a personalized study plan for that student using its online practice program. Every student should create a free account to fully utilize this significant preparation resource.


Everything ACT related can be found at this site, including practice problems and test taking strategies. This is also where students will want to register to take the ACT. Every student is encouraged to take both the ACT and SAT at least once. CMU is the closest host site for the ACT.

ACT Handout - reference guide to the ACT that includes a breakdown of the test format as well as online study aids.

Preparing for the ACT - This is a full practice test published by the ACT company. Hard copies of this practice test are also available outside of Ms. Richards’ office.

Information for students with disabilities in need of accommodations on any of the College Board series of assessments can be found here.

ACT Fee Waiver - Students who meet the established criteria of the ACT Company may be eligible to take the ACT additional times at no cost.

SAT Subject Tests

Many selective colleges require that students take one or more SAT Subject tests as part of their application process. Visit this page for more information about these exams. It is recommended that students take the subject as soon as possible after completing the related high school course. This is why looking ahead to college in order to research the admission requirements for a specific school is so important.

NWEA MAP Testing

SHA students in grades K-7 participate in MAP testing, which monitors student growth over the course of a school year in Math, Science, Reading, and Language Usage. Every student is encouraged to work hard to reach his/her growth projection in each subject area by the end of the school year. Below are some useful links for parents in helping students maximize their understanding of the importance of this adaptive test and the application of the results in shaping student learning. SHA administrators can provide parents with copies of student scores at any time.