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Cultural Diversity Day

Sacred Heart Academy hosted its first-ever Cultural Diversity Day on Wednesday, September 28. The student-designed day featured presentations from representatives of 10 different countries, including Argentina, India, Mexico, Lebanon, Ghana and others. In addition, Native American and African American presenters were featured. In keeping with SHA’s mission “to provide a balanced curriculum to strengthen mind, body and spirit”, our students recognized the need for greater awareness of cultural diversity both within the school community and society today. To address the need, we invited speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds to share information and experiences with the intent of expanding the perspective of our students and developing a greater sense of empathy for their peers. Many of the speakers are parents who were assisted by their students as they discussed the lifestyles, tradition, family environment, clothing, food, athletics, music, artwork, work ethics and possible stereotypes which reflect their cultural background.  

The morning kicked off with an opening presentation by Dr. David Kinney, CMU Professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work and concluded with a closing speech, by Damon Brown, CMU Director of Student Services and Involvement.


Cultural Diversity Day at SHA