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Financial Aid at Sacred Heart Academy

Financial assistance is available through Sacred Heart Parish, Sacred Heart Academy Foundation and other private donations. In order to be considered for any financial assistance, you must apply for aid through FACTS Grant & Aid and be a registered student or for new students have submitted enrollment materials at SHA. Applicants must apply online by clicking here. Deadline to apply is May 31.

If you have a current FACTS Tuition account, simply logon to your account using your existing username and password. Click on the blue link, "Apply for Grant & Aid", to begin the application process.  If you do NOT have a FACTS Tuition account, click here to set-up an account. There is a $30 fee, payable to FACTS, to submit an application for financial aid.

All who have a need are welcome and encouraged to apply. All information provided is kept confidential. For more information, contact Mrs. Vicki Duffett, Accounting Clerk, at 989-772-1385 or by email at


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