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Student Spotlight - Christian Maloney, SHA ‘17

Imagine a gymnasium full of 7th-12th graders singing Don McClean’s classic tune American Pie. Who would you guess is leading this musical interlude? An actor from our drama program? A lead percussionist from the band? The captain of the varsity football team? The answer is actually all of the above and is amazingly only one person. Christian Maloney, a senior, truly represents all that a student can be at Sacred Heart Academy.

A small school requires every student to play a role and at times multiple roles in order for classes, teams, and organizations to run properly as well as be successful. Christian has maximized the opportunities available to him, including representing his school in international seminars with the Close Up Program, and through this has become one of SHA’s best leaders. Whether he is pumping up the varsity basketball team before they take the court, mentoring a junior high drummer, or choreographing the fight scenes from the school play, Christian is someone both students and teachers depend on to be a role model and consistently do the right thing.

Coach’s Perspective: “Christian is the type of person who has qualities that make him liked by everyone. He can be serious and focused or goofy and fun. To me, the most impressive thing is that he always seems to know which persona is appropriate. When you combine this with his reliability, it's not hard to see why he makes such a great leader.”

-Jamie Slate, SHA Varsity Football Coach

Along with the many skills he dedicates to extracurricular activities, Christian performs well academically and even more importantly embraces his Catholic faith. Christian is an active member of Sacred Heart Parish where he serves as an usher and extraordinary minister of holy communion at weekend and school Masses. Additionally, Christian’s faith is evident in the values of kindness, respect, and compassion he displays on a daily basis. He has a gift of making others feel welcome and accepted with a great sense of humor that makes everyone’s day a little bit better.

Teacher Perspective: “Christian’s character, leadership, and work ethic are contagious, and make him a positive influence on those around him. I am very grateful for the lasting impact that he has had on our band program and on the Sacred Heart community.”

-Josh Zimmerman, SHA Social Studies and Band Instructor

Christian’s creative and spontaneous nature will undoubtedly aid him in journalism, which is the program he is considering studying in college. His unique perspective and engaging personality is apparent in his communication that has developed throughout his time at SHA. One student recalls about Christian, “Two years ago, Christian was very quiet and often kept to himself. Now he talks to everyone!” Christian’s growth as a student, leader, and person has been tremendous and a privilege for everyone at Sacred Heart Academy to experience.

Christian's Involvement